Larger-fruited Seminole Pumpkin - new seed variant

Seminole pumpkins are great but the fruit is a bit small, the size of a grapefruit. The vines are pest resistant and grow vigorously, rooting at the nodes and slowly conquering your garden. The plant almost "walks" across the yard, leaving the older, exhausted vines behind and moving forward with the newer leaves. It can grow year-round in South Florida as part of a tropical permaculture area. The fruit is bright orange inside and very sweet. What is not to like? This bring us back to the beginning - the fruit is small for a pumpkin. This larger-fruited seed variant promises to fix that, and it is available from the online retailer Southern Exposure Seed Exchange:

Seminole, Larger Fruited Pumpkin 3 g, Retail Price: $2.75. Heirloom Southern Eco (C. moschata) 95 days. Strain selected by NC grower Dan Zipple. An interesting strain of Seminole, with fruits up to 8-9 lbs., along with Seminole’s usual vigor. Alabama grower Tim Fields measured a vine up to 36 ft. long! Pkt. Catalog #: 53610

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