Sub-irrigated planter (SIP)

3 vegetable growing systems based on living arrangement (click on the link for a larger image).

SIPs best-known example is Earthbox. As of year 2014, the most cost effective planter is available at Home Depot and Lowe's for $30.

Cucumbers after 6 weeks in SIP. Note the tepee (left) and another type of bamboo stick support with trellis (right).

Cucumbers, peppers, lettuce and Swiss chard in SIP.

DIY sub-irrigated planter for $12: mortar tub, perforated corrugated drain pipe, and water bottle

How to make a potting soil for a 5-gallon SIP bucket?

1. Miracle Grow potting soil works well.

2. Alternatively, you can mix your own by using 2/3rds peat moss and 1/3 manure or compost and a couple of handfuls of vermiculite (it lightens the soil). You can add a cup of garden lime or dolomite, and a handful of Epsom salts. Source: Inside Urban Green: Meet Larry Hall, Rain Gutter Sub-irrigated Planter System Guy Par Excellence

You can make your own potting mix:

- 30% peat moss or coco coir
- 30% perlite or vermiculite
- 30% compost or soil

You will need one cubic foot potting mix/soil (not garden soil or top soil). You can add an organic fertilizer (1.5 to 2 cups per bucket). For tomatoes only, you add hydrated lime (one cup per bucket mixed into top 6 inches of soil).

5-gallon bucket at Home Depot.

Grow Box - Sub-irrigated planter (SIP) by Garden Patch -

EarthBox - sub-irrigated planter, garden container for vegetables

Which plastics are safe as plant containers to grow vegetables? Which ones should not be used?

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Unknown said...

The Home Depot buckets ARE not food grade, and toxins are used on them during production that make them unsafe to use for growing food. Lowe's sells FOOD GRADE containers, or you can get free ones from food stores, delis, etc.