Kratky Hydroponic Method

3 vegetable growing systems based on living arrangement (click on the link for a larger image).

The Kratky Method of Non-circulation, non-electric hydroponic system was developed by Prof. Kratky from University of Hawaii. It works best for growing lettuce. You only need to fill the hydroponic container once during the grow cycle, when the planting the lettuce. No pump or aeration is needed. The most complete and practical description of the method is available in PDF form here:

Read more here:

The Kratky hydroponics method is as simple as 1-2-3:

- 1-gallon container (3 quart container will also work). You can buy such containers for $1 each at Dollar Tree.
- 2-inch net pot
- 3-component (N-P-K) fertilizer for hydroponics, for example, dry soluble fertilizer MaxiGro (N-P-K 10-5-14).

Buttercrunch lettuce in Kratky hydroponics at the time of transplant to a net cup:

Lettuce grown with Kratky hydroponics, after 1 month:

Containers for Kratky hydroponics can be made from a variety of sources: Note the 2-inch hole for a net cup in the top cover of the containers, and black spray paint or aluminum foil that blocks the light from entering the water/fertilizer chamber:

Herbs on toast, all grown in Kratky hydroponics: parsley, thyme, savory, dill:

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Dr. Bernard Kratky's American Society for Horticultural Science horticultural talk on non-circulating hydroponics. Graduate of Purdue University and professor in Hawaii, Dr. Kratky's patented methods are known around the world.

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