If you have a lawn, you need a scythe -- every permaculturist should own a scythe

Scythe is best for cutting grass

It beats the lawnmower any day, especially for longer grass. From permaculture.co.uk:

"How often do you find yourself using a tool which, in one form or another, dates back at least a millennia, and yet which outperforms its modern equivalents in pretty much every way that matters? How often do you find yourself using a tool whose basic principle can be traced back almost to the dawn of agriculture, and yet which, with a lot of smart but fairly minimal modernisation along the way, is still in use globally because it still works? And what are the chances of this tool also being physically beautiful object, and a delight to use?"

Scything is great exercise too

I sometimes joke that the most effective exercise regimen is not called Cross-Fit but "Cross-Cut". The twisting motion slims the core of the body and decreases the dangerous abdominal fat (the one that is pro-inflammatory). Make sure to watch a brief training video before start using your scythe.

Longer grass cut by scythe is great mulch

The cut grass serves as a great mulch around the plants here in Florida. It conserves moisture and lowers the soil temperature. I use a soaker hose either on top or below the grass mulch.


Why every permaculturist should own a scythe http://buff.ly/1S7xGnG

Here is my current scythe setup purchased from Amazon. You need 3 things: shaft, blade and sharpener.

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