Kratky hydroponics as simple as 1-2-3

The Kratky hydroponics method is as simple as 1-2-3:

- 1 1-gallon container (3 quart container will also work). You can buy such containers for $1 each at Dollar Tree.
- 2-inch net pot
- 3-component (N-P-K) fertilizer for hydroponics, for example, dry soluble fertilizer MaxiGro (N-P-K 10-5-14).

These are the main components of the model. You will also need several others things and most of them are common sense items required for growing vegetables: seeds, potting mix (coconut coir or peat moss and perlite or vermuculite), water, optional lining for the container (for example, 1-gallon freezer bag), black spray paint, 2-inch hole saw and electric drill, grow lights (if growing indoors).

Buttercrunch lettuce in Kratky hydroponics at the time of transplant to a net cup:

Lettuce grown with Kratky hydroponics, after 1 month:

Lettuce under grow lights - Kratky hydroponics:

Containers for Kratky hydroponics can be made from a variety of sources: Note the 2-inch hole for a net cup in the top cover of the containers, and black spray paint or aluminum foil that blocks the light from entering the water/fertilizer chamber:

Herbs on toast, all grown in Kratky hydroponics: parsley, thyme, savory, dill:

Dr. Bernard Kratky's American Society for Horticultural Science horticultural talk on non-circulating hydroponics. Graduate of Purdue University and professor in Hawaii, Dr. Kratky's patented methods are known around the world.

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