Perrenial tree collards

How to Propagate Tree Collards. Video from OneYardRevolution:

How to Propagate Perennial Tree Collards from Stem or Tip Cuttings: John from shares with you how he is propagating his purple perennial tree collards. In this episode, John shares with you his favorite perennial vegetable that grows year round to provide him with bountiful harvests of delicious purple collard greens. You will discover the two different ways you can propagate this plant from cuttings and see how it is actually done. After watching this episode, you will learn how easy it is to clone or propagate this amazing brassica family vegetable to make new plant starts for yourself or your friends.

The Amazingly Abundant Tree Collard! In this video Dan from shares with you one of the most abundant food plants growing in his urban backyard food forest, the 'Purple Tree Collard'. After that join Dan in the kitchen where he prepares one of his favorite recipes, 'Sautéed Greens'.

John from shares with you his favorite edible perennial vegetable he believes everyone should grow in their garden -- tree collards. In this episode, John visits Centrose nursery in Gardena, California to share with you both purple and green perennial tree collards. He shares some of his knowledge about the perennial tree collards that he loves and enjoys so much. You will learn some of the differences between the purple and green variety, see how tall they can grow in a container, the 3 ways to do cuttings to clone or propagate the plant, and a half dozen ways John uses the leaves of his plants so he can eat more fresh, home grown leafy green vegetables.

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