Beehaus - new type all-in-one beehive made of plastic

The Beehaus is a brand of beehive developed by the British company Omlet. They have also designed an urban chicken coop, the Eglu.

The Beehaus aims to make it easier for people in urban environments to keep honeybees. It is made from MDPE plastic and is based on the same principles as the Dartington Beehive. It is the first major redesign of the beehive for many years.
The hive design was supported by the British government:

The frames are based on the standard 14" by 12" deep National. It does not accommodate Langstroth frames.

The major drawback of Beehause is the high price, $750 in the U.S.

For comparison, a starter beehive kit on Amazon costs $200 with $70 shipping:

A detailed, free PDF on beekeeping is available from Omlet's website:
Beehaus Review - Talking With Bees

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