Three crops great for Florida that require almost no work: yams, chaya, yard-long beans

From the blog of David the Good:

Three crops that would feed you in Florida with ALMOST NO WORK:

- Yams (easy to grow 1,000lbs worth by scattering them along the edges of your property). Note: Yams are different from sweet potatoes. They taste like white potatoes and both fry nicely and are a good addition to soups. Yams can grow in the “wild” parts of a yard, beneath trees and along fences. You can also buy yams at ethnic markets and even in Publix supermarket.

- Chaya ("endless" nutritious greens). Note: You must cook them, otherwise chaya is poisonous. Chaya can be turned into a hedge that produces greens.

- Yard-long Beans (also known as snake beans)


Huge Yams - The Survival Gardener
Baked yams, Marabou Thomas on Instagram:


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