NuMex Suave are New Habanero Peppers that Pack Little Heat but Still Have that Citrus Flavor

For years chileheads have been hot on the trail of the elusive mild habanero, a pepper that was born to be mild. New Mexico State University scientists said they've finally selected in 2002.

NMSU researchers have 2 for sale 'NuMex Suave Red' and 'NuMex Suave Orange' pepper seeds:

Chile peppers are rated in Scoville Heat Units. The 'Red Savina' habanero, one of the hottest scientifically tested chile pepper in the world, is a blistering 577,000 heat units. A normal tongue-burning jalapeƱo ranks about 25,000 teary-eyed units. Paul Bosland, a chile breeder with NMSU's Agricultural Experiment Station and the director of NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute, said his new 'Suave Orange' rolls in at a mild 835 heat units and 'Suave Red' at a smooth 580 units

Asked why they bred a mild habanero, Bosland said simply, flavor. "Habaneros have unique flavors as chile peppers, but most people just couldn't taste them because they're so hot," he said.

The name 'Suave' comes from the Spanish for mellow or smooth. "We wanted to emphasize the mild nature of these chile peppers," Bosland added.


New Habanero Peppers Pack Little Heat, Citrus Flavor

Habaneros for those who can't take the heat

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