Healani tomato from Hawaii

Healani is a determinate tomato plant with uniform ripening. Fruits approx. 6-8oz. Matures in 75-80 days. Oblique fruit shape. Resistant to the common root knot nematode, fusarium wilt, gray leaf spot and one strain of spotted wilt virus. It is also tolerant to tobacco mosaic virus. Available from University of Hawaii: http://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/seed/seeds.asp#tomato

Tomato cultivars developed by UH-CTAHR horticulturists include the hybrids ‘N-5’, ‘N-52’, ‘N-63’, and ‘N-65’ and the open-pollinated cultivars ‘Anahu’, ‘Healani’, and ‘Kewalo’. The three nonhybrid cultivars are determinate — they grow to a certain height and then stop, and they tend to flower and set fruit within a relatively short period of time.

Anahu tomato was the first root knot nematode resistant variety. Kewalo tomato is considered the most important home garden variety due to bacterial wilt resistance combined with earliness.


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