Inuvik Community Greenhouse Gardening in the Arctic - it's possible to garden in zone 0a

From Alberta Urban Garden: "I garden in Zone 3 here in the Capital Region of Alberta. Now most people think that I live and garden on the northern reaches of the possible. Well today we are going to travel 1952 kilometres or 1213 miles just about due north to the community of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. Inuvik sits on the delta of the Machenzie river right before it flows into the Beauford sea above the arctic circle. Now I know what your thinking this is too far north for gardening right? In fact gardening is well and alive this far north

In 1998 the transformation began of an old arena and through innovative design and recycling it was not long until the community garden was producing its first vegetables. The facility is split between public community gardens and a commercial growing operation to cover the costs of operation. The facility not only boasts soil raised beds but hydroponics as well.

When you think of growing in the Arctic you are drawn to think of the cold as the limiting factor after all our growing zones are defined by how cold it gets in the winter. Inuvik is firmly in the lowest growing Zone 0 A.

This is not a problem in their greenhouse as Inuvik enjoys 56 days of 24 hour sunlight from late June to august effectively super charging their season. They are able to grow a wide variety of crops from leafy greens to watermelons.

The Inuvik Community Greenhouse is a great example of alternate ways we can bring gardening into our lives and a little more food security to our communities. If Inuvik can do it we can all do it!

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