Bulgarian pepper: Chorbadjiiski

Very productive, takes 100-105 days for red fruit, plants are 50-56 cm in height. Fruit is long (17-22 cm), thin. Slightly chilly.

Another name for this variety is Goat Horn (kozyrog).

This Bulgarian variety is different from the Middle Eastern Goat Horn Pepper, which is chillier. It looks similarly to Cayenne Long Thin Pepper http://www.rareseeds.com/cayenne-long-thin-pepper


пипер Чорбаджийски | Сортови Семена и растителна защита ЕООД http://bit.ly/1DWD3UL
Градинарство - Чорбаджийски чушки - статия http://bit.ly/1DWDoXN
Фермер.БГ | Пипер http://bit.ly/1DWDQ8j
Пипер Кози рог (чорбаджийки) http://bit.ly/1DWE2EA

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