Loquat: Dependable, hardy, and productive fruit tree for the South

Loquat trees are probably the best producing fruit trees in South Florida. They are frost tolerant down into the 20 degree range. They are drought tolerant. And they sometimes produce up to two large crops a year. Video from TheFloridaPrepper:

Growing the Loquat Tree - Fruit and Tips for Success - EatYourBackyard video: "In this video I discuss some of the things I know about growing the Loquat tree. Tips for the best fruit and trimming of this great sub tropical fruit tree. Also tips for use fish emulsion as fertilizer."


The Loquat tree: a golden gem - TastyLandscape http://buff.ly/2gpEd11

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moomoo said...

My favorite fruit! Sadly, I have not lived in a place where they will grow well in nearly a decade.