Big Jim Pepper from New Mexico

Big Jim was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the producer of the largest chile pods ever grown, with specimens in excess of a 30c m (12in) known.

The variety was developed in the mid 1970's by Dr Nakayama as a result of a breeding program at the New Mexico State University (NMSU), home of the Chile Pepper Institute. Plants grow easily and vigorously and are surprisingly small in comparison to the gigantic pods growing between 60-90cm (24-36in) high. Up to 30 pods may grow on a single plant which ripen from green to a deep red approximately 80 days after transplanting seedlings.

Introduced in 1975 by New Mexico State University, this cross between a Peruvian chile and various types from New Mexico produces high yields of bright green, mildly hot fruit that mature to red.

It is popular because of the very long, tasty, 10- to 12-inch pods. Big Jim bears chiles are ideal for stuffing. An obvious choice for chiles rellenos, Big Jim may vary some in pungency from plant to plant.


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