"Drunken Compost Tonic"

Update, 2016: The video was removed.

Turn Grass & Leaves to Compost in 10-14 days! Drunken Composting Tonic Using Beer, Coke, & Ammonia - YouTube http://bit.ly/17J0LEp

"Speed up your compost pile and SUPERCHARGE it with this easy "Drunken Compost Tonic" using a simple formula of beer, coke, & ammonia in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer! It turns grass clippings & leaves into usable garden compost soil in 10-14 days."


Composter Connection - How to Compost | Planet Natural http://buff.ly/1sG4qHI
Composting for Serious Gardeners http://buff.ly/1SMDCqI - 2016 guide

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