Nero di Tuscana Kale

Nero di Tuscana Kale with William Woys Weaver (video). Learn about this ancient heirloom and some delicious ways to use it. Some people call it dinosaur kale.

How many Kale plants to plant in an EarthBox-type SIP?

Kale can get pretty large and one approach is to plant 3-4 per side (6-8 total with fertilizers down the middle). Chard can be planted 5 per side (10 total).

A Tougher Breed of Kale that's more suited to the Florida climate: Highland Kale (aka Ethiopian Kale or Ethiopian Blue Mustard), Brassica carinata. Florida Survival Gardening:


Kale, Kale, and More Kale - The Greening of Gavin

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