How to grow carrots

Carrots are relatively easy to grow. They need loose, rich soil free of clods and a soil temperature between 45 and 85 F. That means that you can grow carrots in raised beds or containers even in winter - with the protection of a plastic tunnel.

Short and finger-size carrots that mature in as few as 50 days are ideal for all-year-round growing in home gardens:

- Amsterdam Minicor (ready in 55 days)
- Nantes Half-Long (ready in 70 days)
- Nantes Touchon (ready in 65 days)
- Parmex (ready in 50 days)
- Thumbelina (ready in 60 days).

Carrots are slow to sprout and will benefit from protection early on. If temperature drops below 40 F use poly-row covers or plant blankets to protect the beds. Where freezing temperatures are common, grow carrots under the protection of plastic tunnels.

Sow carrots where you want them to grow. Transplanting the carrots makes them grow forked and twisted. Once sown keep planting beds evenly moist.


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