Summer salad ideas for South Florida

Summer salad ideas for South Florida:

Bulk greens:

- Bidens alba (edible weed), young shoots 

- Egyptian spinach

- Okinawa spinach, longevity spinach, etc.

- malabar spinach

- parsley 

- katuk leaves

- mulberry leaves, young shoots

- soursop leaves, young shoots

- muscadine grapes

To add some spice:

- moringa leaves, use sparingly as it can be very spicy in large quantities

- cranberry hibiscus leaves have a peasant sour/vinegar-like taste

- turmeric leaves, young shoots

- galangal roots, use sparingly as it is spicy

- green onions 

- perennial leek/chives, see examples here:

- peppers, recommended: Numex Suave Orange,

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