Musa FHIA-3 Sweetheart Banana

The FHIA is a federal organization of the Honduras Government that has been breeding bananas for decades, hence the name of this cultivar: Musa FHIA-3 Sweetheart banana.

The first widely available cultivar by FHIA was  Musa hybrid FHIA-1 'Goldfinger'. Musa hybrid FHIA-3 'Sweetheart' was bred and selected for increased disease resistance and yield vs FHIA-1.

It has an excellent flavor and good size which make it attractive to the home gardener. It has also been described as similar as 'Goldfinger' or 'Orinoco'.

It is very tolerant of sub-standard growing conditions, especially poor quality soils. The fruit ripen very quickly after picking so they should be left on the stalk until almost needed. Just harvest one hand at a time. It has a reputation for drought and wind resistance.

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