LSU Champagne Fig Tree

LSU Champagne Fig is a hybrid releases from the Louisiana State University (LSU) agricultural program. It is a cross between 'Celeste' (female) and C1 (male) which is a Capri fig from California.

LSU Champagne produces small fruit with yellow to green skin and golden flesh. It's a green fig, just like Ischia, Kadota, etc.

Champagne has a slightly rounded end that tapers towards the stem and a short neck. The eye is partially closed on mature fruit.

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LSU fig breeding program has been very productive over the years, since 1950's. “Figs are fun to grow and collect. You can grow them in 5-gallon or 10-gallon pots and put many different varieties in a backyard.” The LSU AgCenter revived O’Rourke’s research in 1990 and began releasing new varieties. “Since then, we’ve released LSU Purple, LSU Gold, Tiger, Champagne and O’Rourke, which we named after Ed,” Johnson said. Read more here:

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