Most new mango varieties come from this nursery: Zill High Performance Plants

From Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL: "Have you ever wondered where the tropical fruit nurseries & groves get their wholesale stock? Zill High Performance Plants is #1 in the country when it comes to new & top-notch Mango cultivars! As mentioned in the video, they do not sell to the public & they do not ship. You must have a business/resale license to contact Zill High Performance Plants. (wholesale / bulk orders only)".

4,500 trees is not a big order for Zill, said Pete. Not so sure about that. Nevertheless, the place is impressive, as it the hype about the new varieties. Past performance have shown that some of these newer varieties may be plagued by low productivity and diseases that have not been fully evaluated at the time of the launch. The 4,500-order was for Jubilee farm near Tampa, video is here.

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