Edible bamboo species

The 4 bamboo genera used for edible bamboo shoots are:

- Phyllostachys
- Bambusa
- Arundinaria
- Dendrocalamus

Some species of Phyllostachys are even called Phyllostachys edulis, which means edible.

Shoots of several species of bamboo are harvested for consumption:

- Phyllostachys edulis produces very large shoots up to 2.5 kilos. The shoots of this species are called different names depending on when they are harvested. Winter shoots are smaller in size, up to 1 kg in weigh per harvested shoot. The flesh is tender and palatable and commercially quite important; they are harvested in November and December in Taiwan. "Hairy" shoots are larger in size, but due to their toughness and bitter taste, they are generally used to make dried bamboo shoots. They are harvested between March and May in Taiwan.

- Phyllostachys bambusoides produces shoots that are slender and long with firm flesh. Commonly consumed fresh, they are also made into dried bamboo shoots.

Other Phyllostachys: dulcis ("sweet shoot"), nigra ("giant gray"), nuda.

- Bambusa oldhamii produces valuable shoots that are large with tender and fragrant flesh. They are usually sold fresh and in season between late spring and early fall. Their availability depends on local climate. These shoot are also available in cans when not in season.

- Bambusa odashimae is considered similar to B. oldhamii, but highly prized due to its crisp flesh similar to Asian pears. It is produced mainly in Taitung and Hualien and consumed fresh.

- Fargesia spathacea produces flavourful long, thin, tender sprouts that can be eaten fresh or canned.

- Dendrocalamus latiflorus produces shoots that are large with flesh that is fibrous and hard. As such, they are suitable mainly for canning and drying.

Pelton's Nursery is a good source of bamboo in Miami, it's on Eureka Drive:

Available bamboos:

Slender Weaver's (Texilis Gracilis)
Golden Goddness (Bambusa Multiplex)
Tropical Black (Gigantochloa Atroviolacea)
Bamboo Grass (Pogonatherum)
Golden Hawaiian (Bambusa Vulgaris "Vittata")
Buddah Belly (Bambusa Vulgaris "Wamin")
Black Bamboo (Bambusa Lako)
Blue Bamboo (Bambua Chungii)
Oldham Bamboo (Bambusa Oldhamii)
Common Green (Bambusa Vulgaris)
Angel Mis Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Minor Amoenus)



Pelton's Nursery:

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