"Restricted Drainage" Containers

An interesting idea for a SIP variant here:

Restricted Drainage Tree Pot Gardens https://buff.ly/2lZuIL1

"I take large recycled black plastic commercial tree pots, pull a used plastic grocery bag halfway through EVERY drainage hole, then partially fill the pot with woody debris, like freeze-killed cassava stalks, small sticks, then add successive layers of Tampa sand, fresh horse stall sweepings, wood chips mulch and leaves, sprinkling every 4th layer or so lightly with dolomitic limestone (to control acidity and provide calcium and magnesium) and a nitrogen source, such as feed grade urea, fish emulsion, or a few handfuls of a very high nitrogen lawn fertilizer. Nitrogen deficiency in container gardens is a common problem, especially when making your own soil mixes using high carbon garden waste.

I feel that the grocery bags drawn through the drainage holes greatly reduce drainage and evaporative losses while still allowing for SOME essential drainage plus vital airflow to the roots at night when they take in oxygen."

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