Permaculture Orchard in Temperate Climate - For Anyone

"Stefan Sobkowiak of the famed “Permaculture Orchard” Movie is showing us around Miracle farm in Quebec CANADA!":

As Stefan says, it's all a matter of perspective - your cross the US/Canada border and suddenly to worst farming land of northern Vermont becomes the best farming land of southern Quebec!

"Twenty years ago, Stefan Sobkowiak bought a commercial apple orchard with the intention of converting it to an organic orchard. He did just that, but eventually understood the limitations of the organic model originating from monoculture. He then decided to tear out most of the trees and replant in a way that would maximize biodiversity and yield while minimizing the amount of maintenance required. Inspired by permaculture principles, the orchard now counts over 100 cultivars of apples, plus several types of plums, pears, cherries, and countless other fruits and vegetables.":

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