What fruit trees grow easily in South Florida

What are the fruit trees that grow easily in South Florida? Here is the list:

- mangoes
- sapodillas
- longans - longer fruiting season than lychee
- jackfruit - fruit at age 3-4
- mameys
- tamarinds
- spondias- fruit in June
- carambola - fruit in the first year, year-round

From Jeff Wasielewski:

"You can still buy citrus trees in South Florida. But when you do, you’re likely setting yourself up for failure and eventual disappointment. This is the time to plant other fruit trees – mangoes, sapodillas, longans, jackfruit, mameys, tamarinds, spondias and carambola – that have very few pest and disease problems and can produce fruit with minimal input."


Greetings, Citrus Greening! (Your Tree Is Probably Infected) http://buff.ly/2lFqA1T

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