Permaculture Food Food Forest at a University in Southwest Florida

"John from goes on a field trip Florida Gulf Coast University Permaculture Food Forest that was established in 2011 (the video shows year 5 of the food forest and what to expect when you plant). In this episode, John will share with you more about this 1/2 acre food forest that was started by students and still run by students to this day.

You will learn how students at FGCU can harvest free food at the food forest as well can get paid for working in the food forest while getting their education. John will also take you on a tour of this food forest, sharing some elements of the design, as well as the most beneficial perennial leafy green vegetables that can be grown in South Florida. You will then discover some of the best tropical fruit trees that can be grown in SW Florida."

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Food forest plants in South Florida: a complete list of all plants

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