Top 10 Muscadine Grape Varieties For Consumer Appeal

Muscadine grapes just might be the best kept secret of the South in the USA. Because of their healthy attributes, UF/IFAS researchers have described muscadines as the next potential “super fruit", full of nutrients and flavor.

58 muscadine grape varieties were evaluated for their fruit quality, nutraceutical, and antimicrobial properties during two growing seasons (2012 vs. 2013) (link to study).

Below is the countdown of the Top 10 muscadine grape varieties with high potential consumer preferences.

10. Sugargate
9. 028-22-5
8. Africa Queen
7. 026-1-2
6. Sweet Jenny
5. Dixie Land
4. Jumbo
3. Fry
2. Later Fry
1. Supreme


Fruit quality, nutraceutical and antimicrobial properties of 58 muscadine grape varieties (Vitis rotundifolia Michx.) grown in United States
The Top 10 Muscadine Grape Varieties For Consumer Appeal | Growing Produce
Are Muscadine Grapes The Next ‘Super Fruit’? | Growing Produce

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