"Best Composting Toilet System" (video)

For more on the C-Head and BoonJon composting toilet system, check out http://www.c-head.com.

From David The Good:

"The BoonJon is the best composting toilet system I've seen. The use of fill material, the simplicity of design, the capability to be used as an off-grid toilet in a camp or cabin - just excellent. I was traveling through Florida a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop and film at C-Head, LLC, the company created by inventor Sandy Graves. He had gotten in touch with me about his composting toilet design and I just hadn't had the chance to stop by. Today's interview was an off-the-cuff and impromptu affair, but it really shows the composting toilet design, plus we got to see how Sandy has used humanure and urine as fertilizer in his gardens safely and effectively. As a bonus, he explains his soldier fly composting setup and how soldier flies literally take waste and fly away with it. Excellent tour and demonstration - I'm very glad we finally caught up with each other. I now plan to install a BoonJon composting toilet on our next homestead."

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