Cachucha pepper, Aji Dulce

Cachucha pepper (Aji Cachucha) is a small sweet or mild pepper used in many traditional Caribbean dishes. It is called Ajicito in Puerto Rico. The pods ripen from a light pale green to a yellow/orange. The pepper may be confused with the similar looking Scotch Bonnet and habanero chili but is not hot. Cachucha pepper has the Habanero flavour but none of the heat.

Aji cachucha, also known as Aji Dulce (sweet pepper), is native to Cuba and other islands in the Caribbean, and is believed to have been transported by the Spaniards to the New World.

In South Florida, Cachucha peppers are sold in Bravo supermarkets, for example, this one: Bravo Supermarkets, Market Place Fashion Mall, 12141 Pembroke Rd, (954) 443-5521

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