"Homestead 24" tomato grows in Florida heat

Homestead 24, 80 days, determinate or semi-determinate tomato that reportedly grows in the Florida heat. The fruit is reported to set under a wide range of conditions, making it popular. The plants are large with heavy foliage and produce 7-8 oz red fruits that are meaty, firm, and uniform. It is resistant to fusarium wilt. Developed for hot humid coastal areas, especially Florida. Often grown in the Mid-Atlantic region, where it reliably sets fruit at high temperatures. Red 8 oz slightly flattened globes.

Homestead 24 was released in 1956 by the Asgrow Seed Co., New Haven, Connecticut. 'Homestead 24' is a selection of 'Homestead' whose parentage was a stabilized complex cross ((Victor, Dobbies Champion, Pan American, Rutgers).

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