How to get rid mosquitoes naturally? Install bat boxes and martin bird houses

Here are details about the suggestion from on how to put up bat boxes and martin bird houses to get rid mosquitoes naturally:

Here is an Audubon-approved bat house from Amazon that holds up to 20 bats:

Bats can eat an enormous amount of mosquitoes and other damaging insects such as cutworms and moths. Grooves or plates inside the box provide gripping spaces for the bats.

Purple Martin swallows are migratory birds that arrive in Florida in January.

How to Attract Purple Martins?

- Install bird houses specifically made for the Purple Martin species of bird, with small entry holes.
- Place Purple Martin houses in open locations away from trees, at least 40 feet from any other obstructions.
- Initially place a few Purple Martin decoys near the houses to attract real birds.
- Group more than one Purple Martin house together to create "colonies" of birds.
- Check the nests every few weeks and remove any predators' nests that may have invaded the Purple Martins' house.
- Make nesting materials available after the Purple Martins have arrived. This includes straw, pine needles, twigs, and other yard debris.

Here are the materials from Amazon:


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