Sapodilla (sapote) fruit tree

Here are some sapodilla varieties:

Dwarf trees

- 'Alano' - smaller tree, best tasting as reported by Pine Island Nursery in Homestead, Florida. Originated in Hawaii. Season is November to June. Small tree, small to medium fruit. The fruit has a brown flesh and is bigger than Makok.

- 'Makok' - compact, dwarf, small tree. Originated in Thailand. Season is May to November, but it fruits year round in South Florida. Small tree, small fruit. Makok is a true dwarf tree and the tree itself is very productive. The fruit is small but with intense caramel flavor.

- 'Silas Wood' is a very productive tree at an early age. The fruit is the largest of the dwarf trees, bigger than Alano and Makok. Silas Wood always has fruit on the tree in South Florida in different stages of maturity.

Larger trees

- 'Hasya' is a commercial variety. Originated in Mexico. The season is November to June. Large tree. Overall, Hasya seems to be the best sapodilla tree for South Florida but it slower to produce than the dwarf trees above.

- 'Molix' is similar but with a different production season. Shorter season - February to April. Originated in Mexico.

- 'Morena' is a heavier producer. Shorter season - February to April. Originated in Mexico.

- Campeche. Originated in Mexico - state of Campeche.

- Ox. Originated in Mexico, full name is Oxkutzcab. May to September.

- Tikal, Main, December–March; minor, May–September. The advantage is the long production season, it only takes a break during April.


Summer and Fall: May to September/November

Winter and Spring
November to June

Short season - Spring

Pine Island Nursery's Sapodilla Viewer:

Sapodilla has one of longer production seasons among tropical fruits - 6 months: fruits

A sapodilla video from the grower Truly Tropical in Delray Beach, FL:

A video introducing sapodilla from the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida:


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