Heat tolerant tomatoes

Here are few examples of heat tolerant tomatoes:

- Heatwave II Hybrid Tomato http://bit.ly/1BZ9X40

- Bella Rosa Hybrid Tomato. (VFFAStTSWV) - A pretty name for a serious performer. Only a few tomatoes can claim both heat tolerance and resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus, a serious problem in some regions of the country. You can expect consistently high yields of big 10 to 12 ounce tomatoes from these strong, determinate plants. Fruits are bright red both outside and inside with firm, highly flavorful flesh. Great for hot, humid areas or home gardens anywhere. Source: https://jungseed.com/dp.asp?pID=00066


Heat-tolerant tomato varieties - which types of tomatoes resist heat? http://bit.ly/1zH5dLt

From Amazon:

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