Heat tolerant radish: Rover

- Radish, Rover Hybrid. Rare radish that can take the heat. This is the rare radish that can take the heat. Most radishes get bitter and brittle from the hot summer—Rover keeps its cool. With a crisp white interior, the smooth red root is crisp, juicy, and flavorful the summer through. http://bit.ly/1BZahQc and https://jungseed.com/dp.asp?pID=03385

Rover radishes withstand heat and can be grown in the subtropical climate of South Florida:


Jung Seed http://buff.ly/2liBUDZ
Radish, Rover Hybrid - Radish at http://buff.ly/2liraW7
Rover (F1) Radish Seed http://buff.ly/2liqShW

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