Growing Grapes in the Southern Coastal areas

From Jeff Bernhard: "In this episode I provide an update of my young grape vines at my Ranch House. Unfortunately, I had to pull ten 3-year old vines that had Pierce Disease (PD). I explain PD, what causes PD and the vines you do not want to plant if you live in States like Texas, NC, SC Georgia, Florida or LA. The vines that are resistant or tolerant to PD are Muscadines, Blanc Du Bois, Black Spanish, Lomento, Favorito and Victoria Red grape vines. Also, in this episode I film the Glassy Winged Sharp Shooter leaf hopper that transmits the Xylella fastidiosa virus that causes PD. I hope you enjoy this episode, learn a little and choose the right variety of grape vine for your area."


"Texas and Florida are the biggest issues for PD. Once the vines are in the ground for a few years, they can produce a ton of fruit. Check out navajopa videos on pruning grape vines. He does a good job explaining proper pruning."

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