Perennial Vegetables in the Tropics - Larry Yarger videos at ECHO farm

As of 2011, Larry Yarger is an Ag Consultant & Trainer for Key Concepts International, Surabaya Area, East Java, Indonesia ( He can be contacted by email (

His latest project is called FAITH (Food Always In The Home) Gardening, an intensified organic backyard gardening system designed to empower a family of four to six persons to produce, on a 150 square meter lot, 50-80% of their daily nutritional needs the whole year round. The surplus can be sold as an added income for the family.

At least 24 kinds of vegetables, small fruit trees, fish, poultry, eggs and medicinal herbs can all be grown and varied for the entire year in this small space. It requires just an hour of maintenance work in the morning and another in the afternoon (

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