How to grow bamboo in Florida

Not all bamboo varieties grow in Florida.

Clumping varieties grow better than the spreading ones in South Florida. Bamboo is available in ECHO nursery on Ft Myers.

One type that grows well in Florida is Bambusa Oldhamii. It is available as 100 seeds for $15 from Amazon and Ebay.

Florida growers of bamboo:

- Bambusa oldhamii - Oldham's Bamboo. A well-known, classic tropical bamboo. It can be found throughout the Disney parks. Shoots are edible but grown mostly as an ornamental., Groveland, Florida 34736

- Least expensive varieties are: Vulgaris, Hawaiian Gold, Hedge Bamboo, Golden Goddess, Red and Green Fastuosa, Red Margined, Arrow, Golden, Yellow Groove
- Midrange price: Seabreeze, Oldhamii, Graceful, Asian Lemon, Dwarf Buddha Belly, Ladyfinger, Vivax Timber, Angel Mist
- Rarest, most expensive varieties: Blue, Baby Blue, Black, Emerald, Yin Yang

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