Perennial Food Crops/ Permaculture Plants in South Florida

Here are some plants that can grow in South Florida. The full list is in the reference section below.

Malabar spinach

Jungle vine that can grow 10-ft tall/long. Leaves, stalks and fruits are edible.

Tree Collards

A truly remarkable plant, Tree Collards are a perennial Brassica which is productive and yields leaves which taste quite similar to annual collards. While their exact origin is shrouded in mystery, they are reputed to come from Africa, and have been propagated and passed on within African American communities in US. They can thrive happily for 10-12 years and then again must be propagated by cuttings to continue. The plants grow 5-6 feet tall and can sprawl 6-8 feet in all directions. They need full sun and rich, moist soil.

French Sorrel (Rumex scutatus)

Native to South-Central Europe and Southwest Asia. Delicious acidic lemon flavored leaves. Grows up to 1 ft tall, 3 ft wide. Requires full sun to part shade and moist, well-drained soil.

There are more varieties discussed in the video below:

John from goes on a field trip to the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center to their Perennial Plant Sale. In this episode, John will share with you many of the Perennial Vegetables that you can plant in your garden once, and they can give you food for a lifetime. John will discuss leaf crops, fruit crops, root crops, flower crops, and herbs. After watching this episode you will learn about at least a dozen rare / unknown perennial vegetables you can grow in your garden.

Here is an example of Small Space Permaculture Food Forest Garden on 1/4 Acre Home Lot in Houston, Texas:

John from goes on a field trip to visit Dr. Bob Randall' Permaculture Food Forest in Suburban Houston, Texas. In this .28 acre lot Bob grows over 150 varieties of fruit trees, a raised bed vegetable garden and more. In this episode you will learn how he is growing many different types of plants using permaculture principles. During this episode John will give a tour of the property and share many of the different

Fall Perennials | Occidental Arts and Ecology Center


Beyond Organic Agriculture - YouTube
How to create a food forest - YouTube
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Vegetables that grow on South Florida summer: Okra, callaloo (Amaranth), Scotch bonnet peppers, jalapeno peppers, Asian eggplant, Asian radishes, Asian cabbage, long beans, speckled beans, sweet potato, malabar spinach.

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