Perennial Chinese Leek - Broad Leaved Nira

Chinese Chives, also called Garlic Chives or Nira, is a hardy perennial plant. Leaves have mild-flavored taste between the garlic and onion, that are often used as seasoning for stir-fry. New plant seedlings are slow to grow in the initial stage and may take an entire season to establish themselves. However, once this matured stage is established, plants will begin to grow vigorously under full sun. Several harvests can be obtained per season thereafter. For the best growing results, it is necessary to divide and replant the root clusters every 1-2 years.

This Japanese variety of Chinese leek (nira) has broad, thick leaves that have a garlic-onion flavor. It is also referred to as flat chives. Its tolerance of heat and cold makes it very easy to grow. Likes full sun and will also thrive in half shade. Once the plant is established, it can be divided and raised for several years. Maturity: Approx. 100+ days.


Broad Leaved Nira

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