Okinawa Purple Spinach - Gynura bicolor

Gynura bicolor, okinawan spinach or edible gynura, is a member of the chrysanthemum family (Asteraceae). There are two kinds: one that is green on both sides, and another with leaves that are green on the top and purple underneath. Both kinds are considered medicinal vegetables. Gynura bicolor is a perennial in South Florida. It can be grown as a house plant that is also an edible vegetable.

Okinawa Purple Spinach looks similar to a local Brazilian weed--both are purple under the leaves, but the weed has an upright growth habit and is an annual. The cultivated type, which may be a selected weed, is perennial, branching, and tends to fall over, making a bush. It grows very well and is pest-free. It has a tasty, pine-like flavor and does well in poor soils. Mix it with other vegetables; the unique flavor may be too strong on its own.

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Propagating Okinawa Spinach. Okinawa Spinach can be a major force in making Florida food sustainable. A leafy green that that flourishes all through the summer and doesn't die in the winter? Now that's amazing.


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Okinawa 'Purple' Spinach
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