"Grow the Planet" Gardening Website and Community

From DW: Italy has a social network called "Grow the Planet", published in English. "It provides tips for amateur gardeners worldwide. If your homegrown basil never survives long or your lettuce doesn't even make it out of the surface, fret not. Grow the Planet is on hand to help. As well as exchanging ideas, users also have access to detailed guides on sowing, planting, watering and harvesting their vegetables. Many display the successful results online."

Since launch, the website has expanded into cooking with the vegetables grown by the members to the extent that now recipes far outnumber growing guides.

Grow the Planet - Vegetables fact sheets http://buff.ly/U7PYht

Herbs are called "Aromatic" - Grow the Planet - Vegetables fact sheets http://buff.ly/U7Q0Wo

Under each vegetable in the growing guide, there are plenty or recipes, see an example for sage: http://www.growtheplanet.com/en/learn/plant_fact_sheets/aromatic/50/sage

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