Best Vegetables to Grow in Summer Heat and Tropical Climates (video)

Best Vegetables that Thrive in Summer Heat & Tropical Climates - YouTube

John from goes on a field trip to Koolau Farmers and Fukuda Seed Store in Honolulu Hawaii to share with you some crops that thrive in the tropical climate of Hawaii and will also perform well in many summer time gardens.

First, John visits Koolau Farmers and shares with you his top picks and tips for growing vegetables, herbs and fruits in Hawaii and other tropical climates.

Second, John visits the Fukuda seed store that has been in business since 1920 selling seeds in Hawaii. They are one of the oldest seed companies still operating in Hawaii at this time. You will discover some interesting facts about seeds and along the way. John will share his TOP picks of seeds that will thrive in tropical climates as well as your HOT SUMMER GARDEN! You will learn many unique and rare heirloom varieties of fruits, herbs, vegetables and leafy green vegetables that John loves, plus the "outlaw" vegetable that can not be shipped to the mainland! You will also discover some unique Asian vegetables and crops that can be grown as perennials in the tropics.

Learn more about Koolau Farmers at:

The Fukuda seed store's web site is not currently online. They are not super tech savvy. So contact them directly by calling (808) 841-6719. You can request a catalog and they can email it to you. They take orders over the phone.

Manoa lettuce is one type of lettuce that is able to survive the heat.

Tropical Perennial Vegetables and Fruits - Growing Your Greens - YouTube

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