What is Aquaponics and How it Works - Video from Growing Your Greens Channel

What is Aquaponics? How it Works & Why an Aquaponic Setup Can Fail - YouTube http://buff.ly/1jVmqxq

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits the Aquaponic Place in Waimanalo, Hawaii to share with you what exactly is Aquaponics, and how it works. You will discover the key element to a successful aquaponics system, and its more than just the fish and the plants. Hint: bacteria growing in the medium.

You will also learn some of the different vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can be grown under aquaponics. You will discover a unique way for starting seed under aquaponics as well as watering baby plants automatically. You will learn what a bell siphon and how it operates without any power... After watching this episode you will have a really good understanding of how an aquaponics system works and why you may want to use it at home to grow some of your own food including vegetables and fish.

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