Mulberry: "a blackberry that grows on a tree"

The mulberry tree grows across most of the United States and is a consistent producer of delicious berries. Some people think that mulberries are “messy", so don't plant them over your driveway.

Mulberries will grow in half-shade but prefer full sun. After the first year, they need basically no watering or care to survive. Even a 2-year-old mulberry can bear gallons of berries.

They also respond very well to pruning. Untended mulberry trees can get tall quickly. Prune them to keep the berries within reach for ease of picking.

There are varieties of mulberries known as “ever-bearing,” since they bear sporadic crops throughout the warmer months, rather than having one gigantic crop all at once in the spring.

If you would like fruit within a year, grow a mulberry.

Pakistan Mulberry is one of the largest variety, the fruit is positively enormous.

Mulberry Tree in Southwest Florida

Mulberry Tree is a consistent and heavy producer of fruit and doesn't require much care and is very hardy for the Southwest Florida climate conditions. Video by TheFloridaPreppper:

"Pruning a mulberry tree isn't hard. Today I show you some trees that have been hacked down multiple times until the fruit is easily in reach.":

Good varieties for Florida:

- Pakistan, longest fruit (finger-size)
- Everbearing, long season producer, smaller fruit
- Shangri-La, developed in Naples, FL, larger fruit


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