Self-Watering Pop Bottle Garden Grow System (video)

From Larry Hall: I spent all last winter at work (I work overnights') thinking about the design of this system! I wanted it to be simple yet a system that could be expanded and made as large as you wanted! I also wanted to be able to utilize most all of the 2 liter pop bottle for growing medium that way larger plants might be grown in it! I also wanted to make it so you could water it 3 different ways! As always the main purpose that I make these systems is to encourage the most inexperienced gardener to have fun gardening! I feel this system has a flexibility that is unique that it can be easily transported or given as a gift! Complete with planted veggies! Anyway let your imagination run with this idea and make it large or small according to how you would like it!

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In 2014, Larry Hall launched a website that sells grow bags: Grow Bag Garden Systems

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