Small greenhouse from Harbor Freight Tools

Here is a small greenhouse from Harbor Freight Tools, 6 x 8 ft for $300. There are some other inexpensive models from Amazon ($500, Palram Mythos and Coscto ($700) but they cost more.

- use 20% off coupon to buy the greenhouse from Harbor Freight Tools (search Google for the coupon) and (

- shipment of the greenhouse from Harbor Freight Tools costs $97, so it is worthwhile to call if the greenhouse is available at the local sore (

- use tape to waterproof the panels (

- building a wooden frame (anchored with concrete) is recommended

Search Google for improvements to find suggestions.


Video of improvements: and -- More here:

Building and Improving the Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse:

Videos from GrowingYourGreens:

How to make a small greenhouse out of five pieces of plastic pipe, a plastic painter's drop cloth, some zip ties and a few bricks: DIY Instant Greenhouse For Under $20 - YouTube

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