Senposai is a new hybrid of cabbage and Komatsuna


Hybrid Senposai is a variety of Japanese mustard spinach, which belongs to the Mustard genus (Brassica rapa var. komatsuna 'Hybrid Senposai').

This exciting green, developed in Japan, is a cross between Japanese Mustard Spinach (Komatsuna Brassica rapa) and regular cabbage.

It looks like cabbage

Senposai leaves look like cabbage, but unlike cabbage, senposai thrives all summer in full sun with no special care.

Low maintenance plant

As Hybrid Senposai Japanese mustard spinach is a low maintenance plant, it is great for beginner gardeners and those that like gardens that don't need much overseeing. A spring sowing will stand the entire summer (even through drought) and well into fall before bolting. Senposai is resistant to heat and grows well all year round. This fast-growing vegetable can be harvested 30-40 days after sowing.

Tastes great

This unique vegetable has sweet taste of cabbage and tenderness of Komatsuna, excellent for salad, stir-fry and pickling. Excellent sauteed, and it keeps growing back after harvesting.


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