Make Compost in the Snow with the JoraForm Compost Tumbler (video)

John from shares with you his new metal compost tumbler. In this episode John will explain some of the challenges he has had with excess food waste and plastic composters. He solves these issues by getting a new compost tumbler: The Joraform 270 compost tumbler that is insulated and will allow you to make compost in the snow! During this episode you will also discover the secret carbon source he uses to ensure all his nitrogenous food scraps are composted quickly and easily. Finally you will see the results of using this composter and learn how you can purchase this composter at the lowest price at:

The proportion of green material to brown is more crucial in a closed tumbler than in an open pile. If you don't add at least 40 percent browns, you'll end up with a slimy, smelly mess instead of compost. If nothing else is available, keep a bag of leaves or a bale of straw handy and use it as necessary to maintain the balance. Source: Compost Tumblers - Mother Earth News, 2003


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