Grow green onions from onion sets ($2 for 80) at Home Depot


There are hundreds of types of onions, varying in size and form, as well as sweetness/pungency. They are essential ingredients in cuisines across the globe.

Onions are a cool-weather crop. Because they have require a relatively long growing season, they are usually started from sets, which are simply small onion bulbs. However, the selection of onion varieties available as sets is often limited, so if you want to try unusual varieties you'll have to start them indoors from seed. In general, the stronger-flavored onions keep longer, while mild, sweet varieties are more perishable.

Plant your sets early in the spring -- onions do best if the temperature is cool when they start to grow, and warm as they mature.

Grow green onions from onion sets

One easy way to grow green onions is to buy onion sets ($2 for 80 bulbs) at Home Depot. The available onion varieties are yellow, red and white. All cost $2 for 80 bulbs.

You can grow the green onions indoors using the triple "L" concept ("Lettuce Lights up Living room"):

- sub-irrigated planter
- organic growing mix
- desk lamp
- 70W, daylight CFC bulb
- organic fertilizer


Plant Care Guides - The Home Depot - Garden Club

Here is how to start the triple "L" concept ("Lettuce Lights up Living room") using products from Amazon:

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