5 S: tomatoes for Salads, Soups, Sauces, Salsa, and Sandwiches

Flavor is the best reason to grow tomatoes in the home vegetable garden. Choose flavor first when deciding which tomatoes to grow.

The author of "Harvest to Table" gives his 5-S’s - his favorite tomatoes for salads, salsa, sandwiches, sauces, and soups. These are tomatoes he has grown and would grow again:


Druzba tomato

I should try the Druzba variety - Sweet, juicy Bulgarian heirloom resistant to fruit diseases and cracking:

Enjoy this Bulgarian heirloom whose name means "friendship." 'Druzba' is a productive variety with excellent juicy sweet flavor. Fruits are borne 2-4 to a cluster, weigh an average of 5 oz. and measure 2" high by 3" wide. Although the fruit walls are tender, they are resistant to fruit diseases, cracking, and blossom end rot. Produces a large percentage of uniform ripening, high quality blemish-free fruit. Well liked at farmer's markets. Resistant to early blight, blossom end rot, cracking, and cat facing.

This mini-beefsteak has superb flavor. Indeterminate vines assure a long season of harvest, much larger than other heirloom beefsteaks. However, Days to Maturity: 80  days


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